Additional Information

All books need to be assessed on an individual basis, as the state of damage and deterioration vary. Also the size of the book needs to be factored in. The following are general prices for average sized books.

Also please note, due to increases in the cost of materials (leather, cloth, glue, binding board, etc.) I will have to charge for the materials used in the process. Prices do not include Gold Finishing. Price depends on the amount of lines of type or decoration.

All Gold Finishing is hand-tooled using 18K foil or 22K Gold Leaf.

Hand-made Marbled Papers are available upon request.

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* All quoted work must be payed up front by cash, check or money order before work begins on project.

New Leather Fine Bindings$200

Full leather$400

3/4 and 1/2 leather$400

Quarter Leather$275

New Cloth Fine Bindings$200

With window on cover add$20

With marbled paper end sheets add$30


Leather reback starting at$250

Cloth Restoration Rebacks starting at$200

Rehinging text to cover$25-50

Resewing text$100

Re-hinging, and dye/oil$10-50


Hand Tooled 24K Gold

If gold tooling is limited I can include it in the price, otherwise, there is an additional cost per line of type.

Hand Marble Papers

Available upon request

Boxes and slip cases

Available upon request